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In the final days of World War II, the Nazis attempt to use black magic to aid their dying cause. The Allies raid the camp where the ceremony is taking place, but not before a demon - Hellboy - has already been conjured. Joining the Allied forces, Hellboy eventually grows to adulthood, serving the cause of good rather than evil.

Title : Hellboy

Year : 2004

Runtime : 122

Release Dates: 2004-04-02


Actors :

Ron PerlmanasHellboy
Selma BlairasLiz Sherman
Rupert EvansasJohn Myers
John HurtasProf. Bruttenholm
Jeffrey TamborasTom Manning
Karel RodenasGrigori Rasputin
Brian SteeleasSammael
Ladislav BeranasKarl Ruprecht Kroenen
Biddy HodsonasIlsa Haupstein
Corey JohnsonasAgent Clay
Brian CaspeasAgent Lime
James BabsonasAgent Moss
Doug JonesasAbe Sapien

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Watch Hellboy Stream Online Megavideo. I went to the cinema with quite low expectations due to the trailer. However after watching this film I was amazed by the outcome. There was so much thrilling tense action, at one point I was on the edge of my seat.


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